Watch: Man climbs out of window to rescue toddler hanging from 8th floor in Kazakhstan

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A Kazakhstan antheral has been hailed a “hero” connected societal media aft a video of him redeeming a toddler dangling from the eighth level of a gathering went viral. Risking his ain life, the antheral plunged into action, scaling the gathering to prevention the kid from falling.

The man, identified arsenic 37-year-old Sabit Shontakbaev, was connected his mode to enactment with a person erstwhile helium saw a assemblage and heard a commotion. After realising what was happening, helium rapidly rushed into the gathering knocking astatine the doorway of an flat connected the seventh floor.

A video captured by an onlooker shows him climbing retired of the window, without immoderate hesitation, sans a harness oregon helmet, to prevention the three-year-old girl. He is seen hanging to the facade of the gathering arsenic helium grabs the miss and lowers her into the flat below.

Watch the heroic infinitesimal here:

Taking to societal media, the country’s Department of Emergency Situations wrote that the archetypal responders were alerted astir 10 americium that a kid was hanging from a model of a gathering astatine 27/1 Uly Dala Street successful Nur-Sultan.

“Nur-Sultan DES units consisting of 7 unit and 2 units of instrumentality were sent to the scene. Upon arrival, it was discovered that a antheral rescued a kid hanging from the cornice of the balcony connected the eighth floor,” a societal media station by the ministry read.

The station explained that Shontakbaev’s friend, Sabit Sagi, besides participated successful the daring rescue operation; helium held Shontakbaev’s limb from wrong the apartment. “With the combined efforts of 2 friends, the girl’s beingness was saved successful a fewer minutes,” the ministry’s station added. Rescuers warned parents not to permission their children unattended astatine location to debar specified situations.

Shontakbaev, who has 4 children, says helium doesn’t see himself to beryllium a hero, according to section media. As his enactment of bravery went viral, First Vice Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Major General Kulshimbayev Ibragim Batyr, awarded Shontakbayev with the medal “For Courage successful Emergency Situations”.

His friend, too, was honoured with a missive of acknowledgment and a wristwatch by the Order of the State of Kazakhstan for his bravery.