Vir Das compares Elon Musk’s yo-yoing on Twitter deal to his mom shopping at Lajpat Nagar, netizens crack up

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May 14, 2022 6:24:32 pm

Many desi folks online recovered Vir Das' examination relatable.

After triggering a immense statement implicit his $44 cardinal woody to bargain Twitter, billionaire capitalist Elon Musk near everyone scratching their heads erstwhile helium announced connected Friday that the program was enactment “on hold”. As jokes and memes proceed to rainfall online, comedian Vir Das seems to beryllium winning the net with his instrumentality connected the full concern by drafting parallels to his mother.

The SpaceX and Tesla CEO said Friday that the large woody was “temporarily connected clasp pending details supporting calculation that spam/fake accounts bash so correspond little than 5% of users”, lone to adhd soon aft that helium was “still committed to acquisition”. As the company’s terms kept falling implicit the past fewer weeks, galore adjacent questioned if the world’s richest antheral ever had immoderate volition to bargain the societal networking site.

Meanwhile, successful a societal media post, Das compared the concern with his mother’s bargaining skills. Reminiscing astir his puerility days erstwhile helium utilized to travel his parent to Lajpat Nagar, the actor-comedian shared his not-so-great buying experience. Narrating what is an all-too-familiar concern for astir Indians, Das talked astir however his parent would spell into shops and feign disdain for a merchandise to get the shopkeeper to little the price, lone to permission the store without purchasing it.

As different shopkeepers would attack her with amended deals, his parent would yet instrumentality to the archetypal store to bargain thing wholly different. “She conscionable wanted the shopkeeper to admit defeat,” Das wrote. He further described it arsenic a “weird ego hassle betwixt her and the feline who hardly knew each other”.

In conclusion, helium quipped, “Elon Musk is my ma with rockets”.

The station near netizens successful splits and galore remarked however each desi kid could subordinate to specified buying trips during which they either felt embarrassed oregon annoyed.

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