Relief for Punjab, Haryana: Centre relaxes shrivelling of wheat norms

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The Centre has allowed relaxation successful norms for shrivelled wheat grains by up to 18 per cent successful Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh, thereby giving alleviation to farmers who suffered losses owing to a autumn successful the output of wheat harvest this Rabi season.

The farmers from these states had complained that the aboriginal onset of summertime this twelvemonth resulted successful wheat grains shrivelling by astir 18 per cent, overmuch much than the permissible bounds of 6 per cent.

In a missive to caput of nutrient and civilian supplies department, Punjab and further main secretary, section of food, Haryana, the Union ministry of user affairs, nutrient and nationalist organisation informed that the bounds of shrivelled and breached grains of wheat successful each districts of Punjab and Haryana, isolated from the Union territory of Chandigarh, whitethorn beryllium relaxed up to 18 per cent against the existing bounds of 6 per cent nether azygous specifications without immoderate worth cut.

The missive further states that the wheat truthful procured shall beryllium stacked and accounted for separately.

Also, it mentions that the relaxation granted is taxable to the information that immoderate fiscal oregon operational implications owing to the relaxation shall beryllium the sole work of the authorities governments of Punjab and Haryana, and the Chandigarh administration.

Any deterioration successful wheat banal procured nether the relaxed strategy during retention shall beryllium the sole work of the authorities governments of Punjab and Haryana including UT Chandigarh, the Centre said.

The Punjab and Haryana authorities governments had written demi-official letters to the Centre seeking relaxation successful azygous specifications of wheat for Rabi Marketing Season (RMS) 2022-23 owing to extreme, abrupt and unprecedented vigor question successful the region.

The connection besides stated that the substance was examined and successful bid to trim the hardship of farmers and to debar distress merchantability of wheat, the competent authorization has decided to accord to the petition of the states. Accordingly, it has been decided to procure wheat successful Punjab and Haryana including UT Chandigarh with the relaxation successful the azygous specifications of wheat for cardinal excavation procurement.

In Punjab, the shrivelling of wheat grains was a large governmental contented particularly for the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) that formed the authorities for the archetypal clip successful the state. Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann had besides taken up the substance with the Centre seeking relaxation. He had stated that the farmers were not to beryllium blamed arsenic shrivelling had taken spot owed to the aboriginal spell of vigor question this time.