Kashmir: Students protest move to sack Chemistry professor

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Written by Bashaarat Masood | Srinagar |
May 14, 2022 5:56:33 pm

Lt Governor Manoj Sinha had terminated the services of a Chemistry prof of University of Kashmir. (File Photo)

A time aft Lt Governor Manoj Sinha terminated the services of a Chemistry prof of University of Kashmir, students staged a sit-in astatine the field demanding his reinstatement. This is the archetypal clip that the termination of a authorities employee, allegedly for being a “threat to the information of the state”, is being protested.

On Saturday morning, students and probe scholars of the Chemistry section staged a sit-in astatine the campus, extracurricular the department. Holding placards that called the termination a “black day”, the students said the authorities indispensable reconsider the determination and reinstate him.

On Friday, the J-K authorities ordered termination of services of 3 authorities employees, including Professor Dr Altaf Hussain Pandit for allegedly being a “threat to the information of the state”. The employees were terminated nether Article 311 (2) (C) that allows the authorities to terminate services of its worker without seeking an mentation oregon holding an enquiry into his conduct.

“He was the astir dedicated and honorable teacher we had successful our department,” said a pupil implicit the phone. “By terminating him without giving immoderate reason, the authorities has snatched america of the accidental to larn from the best. There seems to beryllium immoderate conspiracy successful his sacking.”

The students held pictures of Dr Pandit and placards that work ‘Black time for Chemistry Department’ and demanded the determination beryllium revoked immediately.

As the students staged a sit-in, the assemblage medication closed the field gates and barred the introduction of journalists inside.

“He was a dedicated teacher and was arsenic liked by the module and the students,” a teacher said. “He was not conscionable a teacher but an intellectual.”