IMD predicts heavy rains in Kerala, state govt sounds alert

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The Kerala Government Saturday sounded an alert successful galore districts aft the IMD predicted dense rains crossed Kerala for the adjacent 3 days.

A reddish alert has been declared successful cardinal Kerala’s Ernakulam and Idukki districts, wherever IMD has predicted highly dense rains. Besides, an orangish alert has been sounded successful six different districts wherever dense to precise dense rains person been predicted for the adjacent 2 days.

Chief Secretary V P Joy Saturday convened an exigency gathering of the heads of each departments to reappraisal the preparedness of the authorities machinery. The authorities catastrophe absorption authorization has suggested opening of power rooms successful each taluk office against the backdrop of the dense rains predicted for the adjacent 3 days.

The authorities has been witnessing isolated dense spells implicit the past 5 days. The fireworks of Thrissur pooram, which was scheduled for Saturday night, was postponed owed to the rains. The fireworks, a large attraction of the yearly taste festival, should person been held connected May 11 but was postponed to Saturday (May 14) owed to adverse weather.

The IMD information connected rainfall showed that Kerala has already received excess rainfall during the play from March 1 to May 14. The mean rainfall for Kerala during this play is 213.7 mm but the existent rainfall was 369.3 mm, signaling a departure of 73 per cent. Of the 14 districts, six person reported excess rainfall.

IMD has predicted that the onset of the southwest monsoon implicit Kerala is expected connected May 27, astir 4 days successful beforehand of its mean date, June 1.