‘CCTV camera captures footage of toilet’: GN Saibaba to go on hunger strike in Nagpur jail

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Convicted erstwhile Delhi University (DU) prof G N Saibaba who is serving a beingness condemnation for Maoist links successful Nagpur has threatened to spell connected an indefinite hunger onslaught wrong his jailhouse compartment successful protestation against the installation of a CCTV camera which allegedly captures footage of the toilet and bathing area. His woman and member wrote to the Maharashtra Home Minister connected Saturday seeking the removal of the CCTV camera.

Saibaba is presently incarcerated successful Nagpur Central Prison. Earlier, his advocator had alleged that the situation authorities had denied him a integrative h2o bottle.

In their missive connected Saturday, Saibaba’s woman Vasantha Kumari and member G Ramadevudu wrote, “On Tuesday (10.05.2022), the jailhouse authorities fixed a wide-angle CCTV camera successful beforehand of his anda compartment that tin seizure video of the full compartment including, toilet seat, bathing place, and everything successful the tiny cell. So, helium cannot usage the toilet for urinals oregon cannot adjacent instrumentality a bath earlier the camera, arsenic the camera records video of everything 24×7 hours. Now however tin Dr G N Saibaba unrecorded successful these circumstances?”

“The helpers are besides intimidated by the intimately watching camera since their bodies are perpetually exposed to the oculus of the camera. This is intelligibly to intimidate and insult him. This is simply a means to interruption his privacy. His close to privacy, beingness and liberty is astatine hazard due to the fact that helium cannot usage the toilet, oregon instrumentality bath, oregon alteration apparel successful beforehand of a camera that’s not lone moving 24 hours but besides signaling everything and watched perpetually successful the bureau of the Jail superintendent,” they wrote.

His household said prisoners were “entitled to each law rights but the close to mobility and a fewer others”.

“Under these strain conditions, helium has decided to spell connected a hunger onslaught indefinitely till decease oregon (till) the camera is removed, and the liable situation administrators apologize for knowingly and brutally violating earthy assemblage rights and the rights provided by the constitution. Dr G N Saibaba is readying to commencement his hunger onslaught wrong 2 days successful the Nagpur Central Jail,” the missive said.

Saibaba, they added, already suffers from assorted ailments including hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (heart issue), hypertension, paraplegia, kyphoscoliosis of the spine, anterior horn compartment disease, acute pancreatitis arsenic good arsenic a cyst successful the brain.

“We, petition your benignant aforesaid to instrumentality contiguous enactment and supply him privacy, dignity and instruct the persons acrophobic successful the Nagpur Central Jail to region CCTV cameras that are keeping his privateness astatine involvement and supply him required due diagnosis and attraction for each his wellness issues immediately. As per his eligibility, assistance parole and alteration him to get due medicine and required aesculapian enactment which is not disposable astatine Nagpur,” they wrote.