Behind Mamata bid for more districts: boosting Bengal devp, law and order; streamlining TMC

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“We privation much districts to accelerate improvement works successful West Bengal. We request astatine slightest 46 districts arsenic against existing 23. When we summation the fig of districts, we volition person to deploy much officers. Therefore, we volition person to summation the vacancies of West Bengal Civil Service (WBCS)-cadre officers,” Banerjee said portion addressing the yearly wide gathering of the WBCS-executive officers successful Kolkata Thursday.

The Banerjee authorities has already declared its connection to divided ample districts specified arsenic North 24 Parganas, South 24 Parganas, and East Midnapore into smaller districts. Sources said 7 districts could beryllium carved retired of South 24 Parganas and North 24 Parganas.

To amended its nationalist outreach and guarantee amended transportation of its schemes to the people, the authorities authorities has been contemplating the determination to signifier much districts done part of the larger districts (in presumption of area). It believes that with a caller medication to beryllium acceptable up successful projected smaller districts, the radical would person easier entree to assorted authorities departments and their officials astatine the territory level and would beryllium frankincense capable to avail its schemes and policies much effectively.

The Banerjee government’s projected determination is besides aimed astatine improving the instrumentality and bid concern successful Bengal arsenic the authorities medication is of the presumption that the instauration of much districts volition assistance the authorities constabulary successful focusing connected their operating areas much efficiently, which would besides guarantee amended surveillance.

Recently, the authorities has witnessed a emergence successful unit successful the signifier of incidents similar rape, execution and governmental killings. This has enactment its instrumentality and bid concern nether the scanner, with questions being raised connected the relation of the authorities police. The authorities has been seeking to alteration this communicative with amended policing.

Politically, the instauration of much districts would assistance the TMC dispensation successful accelerating the party’s enlargement and broadbasing its enactment astatine the territory level, starring to its streamlining and rejuvenation. This would besides assistance the enactment curb infighting among its territory leaders, who are perennially caught up successful a powerfulness crippled for taking power of the section organisation.

The carving of much districts is besides envisaged to output electoral dividends for the TMC. It would alteration the enactment to person a region-specific and much focused attack towards elections. The attendant enlargement of bureaucracy with the instauration of much authorities posts successful medication and constabulary unit would pb to procreation of much jobs, which would boost the ruling party’s canvass prospects.

After coming to powerfulness successful Bengal successful the 2011 polls, the Banerjee government, which is present into its 3rd successive term, has created 5 caller districts successful the authorities truthful far. Bengal has presently 23 districts, which see Alipurduar territory (formed connected June 25, 2014), Kalimpong territory (formed connected February 14, 2017), Jhargram territory (formed connected April 4, 2017), and Purba Bardhaman territory and Paschim Bardhaman territory (formed connected April 7, 2017).

The authorities has besides accrued the fig of constabulary districts successful the state, which presently has 28 constabulary districts and 6 constabulary commissionerates. It is presently besides engaged successful groundwork connected a connection to trifurcate South 24-Parganas, the state’s largest district, to make the caller districts of Baruipur, Sundarbans and Diamond Harbour.

The main Opposition BJP welcomed the TMC government’s determination to make much districts, but criticised it for delaying it. “We ever spoke successful favour of having much districts. We consciousness that a full of 42 districts should beryllium created for 42 Lok Sabha constituencies successful the state. The instauration of much districts should person been done earlier. What stopped the authorities from doing so? It is due to the fact that much districts means much authorities officials and the authorities paying much salaries,” said BJP nationalist vice-president Dilip Ghosh.

TMC spokesperson Kunal Ghosh, however, said, “The authorities is doing what it is expected to do. This is simply a bully determination taken by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee which volition decidedly assistance usher successful improvement successful a overmuch easier manner.”