Silent Media Is

On the Surface:

Silent Media is a platform for artifact based, interdisciplinary art projects. Everything arising from the endeavors of Silent Media involves at least two mediums communicating an overarching concept.


Below the Surface:

In the way that a tool changes purpose as it changes hands, what is communicated, as well as what is sought in communication, changes when an idea moves among mediums. In the spirit of experimentation, Silent Media sets out from this notion to outline the white spaces of art, where shadows can't fall. If art can be said to communicate a singular idea, what is communicated must find its sanctuary beyond the reach of available mediums. An artifact serving as empirical evidence of Silent Media's efforts provides a distillation of intent dialogue between mediums for a receptive participant to coalesce and dissect as a whole. This approach has the semblance of interrogating reality, a light chasing its source. With regard to Silent Media, however, the response of each endeavor is consubstantial to the question it poses. Silent Media's output does not seek answers, but attempts to formulate the favorable conditions for cultivating proper questions.